Friday, March 29, 2019

A Primer on Daily Devotional Prayer

Over on the community site for Natib Qadish, I have posted a primer on how to start and engage in a practice of  daily devotional prayer

This very short "how-to" is intended primarily for those wanting to practice Natib Qadish and honor the Canaanite deities, but there may be a few things here of use to the budding lay-polytheist of other traditions. 

"Sometimes the best remedy to establishing a relationship, keeping a relationship vibrant, or healing a broken one, is just to spend time with the other, to appreciate the other, to do something for that other, or to express a desire for that other to be well. Just spend a little time devoted to Them. It can do wonders."

Establishing and maintaining good relations with the deities is aided by setting up and engaging in a daily devotional prayer practice. If you care about Them, let Them know! Set aside time each day and let Them know how important They are to you. It's a simple practice, and it's a good one. Try not to let a day roll by without consciously taking a moment to focus upon Them and honor Them.