Monday, July 1, 2013

Enjoy the Silence

Calmly by Olga Palma. 
I shall be taking off from the eve of July 8th through August 5th: one lunar month. I will be reachable through email, or periodically through Facebook personal mails. If you need me or just want to talk in an email—I am certainly still available for that. And for the few of you who have my phone number, I will also be reachable by phone. However, I will not be posting on my blogs, posting on my Facebook, “pressing ‘like’” on Facebook, commenting in public forums, commenting on public pages or internet groups, commenting on others’ blogs, et cetera.

I am doing this for reasons which I would like to make clear. 

I take off this time to stand with my polytheist brothers and sisters. Though we do not share the same religion, though we often don’t share the same gods, we share a devotion to our many, individual deities. I support you all, I bless your deities, I bless your ancestors.

I share the sense of balancing on the razor’s edge between hope of the renaissance of our ways, and despair as monism, dualism, monotheism, archetypalism, and atheism erode our ways as surely as infiltration of mainstream monotheisms do. And often, many of us are surprised at just how thorough their work is done.