Friday, July 27, 2012

Under Wraps: Covering the Head in Natib Qadish

There are many practices regarding covering the head in ancient Canaanite tradition and in modern Natib Qadish tradition. 

Ancient Headcoverings 

In Canaanite art workmen usually do not wear hats or head coverings, however upper class men typically do.

In the ancient Canaanite world, men and women alike would typically wear a head covering, hat or scarf. Workmen often kept their heads uncovered or wore a simple headband around their heads, but chances were that if they entered a temple, they would be dressed differently than for work. Women often would wear scarves, likely indicative of a marital status like wearing a wedding ring is in modern Western culture. Working class women or lower class women would wear headbands across the forehead and around the crown of the head. A hatless man often indicated common laborer, a lower-class citizen, or a slave. Canaanite art shows gods and upper-class men and gods often wearing hats, and sometimes wearing shawls with thick rolled hems or fringe.