Friday, June 17, 2011

Prayer for the Shades of the Dead, the Rapiuma

Day 16 [Gapnu] (month), Shanatu 84 (year)

Rapiuma is a term which refers to the shades, the spirits of the dead. These can be your ancestors, the ancestors of Canaan, the ancestors who lived and died in your locale, or all three. It is said that they can come visit the living by navigating their chariots through a grain-threshing floor. In meditation today, this is the prayer I gave for the forgotten, ancient Rapiuma of Canaan:

“Hear me, ancient ones, you who have dwelt in this place for the ages. You are blessed among the assembled. You are remembered. You have reached the time of the returning, of the in-dwelling. May your hearts be lightened, may your livers be joyous. The remembering comes. Eat dust no longer, venerated ones, but join us at our tables. Eat with us. Lend us your wisdom. Let us be one people again. May we find restoration together. Let it be done.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Winding Rivers: The Changing Face of the Pagan Movement

Day 13, Canaanite Month of [Gapnu, the Vine]
Tigris River by Mosul, Iraq
Historic-rooted religions, like polytheistic, reconstructionist, or revivalist religions are wending away from Paganism like the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meander away from each other from sources a mere nineteen miles apart, then return together as they flow into the Persian Gulf. There has been much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth regarding what exactly has led to this estrangement and what the fallout will be. In my opinion, this divergence is caused by misunderstanding the two different approaches historic-rooted religions and majority Pagans take in religious thought.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To "Pagan" or Not to "Pagan": That is the Question

January 9, 2012
16 Khiyyaru, Shanatu 84
Malatu (Full Moon)

Please note that I've taken down what was once this post: I am dissatisfied with its (lack of) organization. I may eventually put it back up if I can edit the mess into coherency. If you would like to read a better article about my views on considering oneself "Pagan" or not, please see: Two Winding Rivers: the Changing Face of the Pagan Movement.