Services I Offer

This is an example of the ceremonial sashes and belts I weave. All of these are my own work, as is the photo.

Pastoral Counseling, Private Lessons, and Spiritual Healing Work
Pastoral Counseling, private lessons, research, questions, and spiritual conversations through email and/or PM:
25 minutes: $30
60 minutes: $50
Pastoral Counseling, research, questions, and spiritual conversations through phone (or in-person when/ where available):
25 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $60
Reiki and long distance spiritual healing
25 minutes: $30
60 minutes: $45
Reiki and in-person spiritual healing, where / when available
25 minutes $40
60 minutes $60

Oracle Work
Through divination rods: $30 per question

Signed copies of books: cover price + $5 for shipping and handling
         Whisper of Stone
         The Horned Altar

Prayers and Offerings
Prayer: $10
Small offering (candle or incense, my choice unless otherwise stated): $15
Prayer + small offering (candle or incense, my choice unless otherwise stated): $25

Amulets from Handspun Thread
Handspun 7 inch length of blessed thread, in wool or cotton (my choice unless otherwise stated): $10.55
Amulet braid of handspun thread: $20.55.
Handspun 7 inch length of blessed thread spun at equinoxes, or solstices, or new moon, or full moon, or special occasion: $30.55
Amulet braid from handspun thread spun and/or braided on special times, feast days, holidays, or moon phases: $40.55
Amulet braid of commercially spun, blessed hand braided linen or hemp thread $10.55
Amulet Braid of Linen made on special feast days, holidays, or moon phases: $20.55
Amulet threads and amulet braids can be used in a variety of ways:  as a bracelet, bookmark, tied to keys, hung on rearview mirror, hung next to door, tied to phone, et cetera.

Handwoven and Handspun Textiles or Yarn on Commission
Yes, I do handwoven textiles from commercially spun or from my own handspun yarns. Cost per textile is an hourly rate of $20 plus supplies (plus shipping). Cost of making a skein of handspun yarn is also $20 an hour plus supplies.
If all you have is $20, I will spin in wool what I can for you in 45 minutes and send you a small skein. Such an item can be used in a variety of ways both religious or non-religious. Religious: offerings to deities just as it is or perhaps you can add it to a project you’re making, or use it to make an amulet.
         A coaster or a patch, such as a size to fit to go under a votive candle holder, made of commercially spun worsted weight cotton yarn will cost about $20. This is the most basic thing I can do. I can sew two patches together and make a basic braided strap for a small amulet bag at about $40.
         A belt or ceremonial sash of about 1 ½ - 2 inches wide and about 3 yards long made on an inkle loom from commercially spun thick worsted weight cotton yarn, with no embellishments or special patterning techniques, runs about $70. Tablet weaving is more time consuming and requires more supplies. Finger weaving (an ancient form of plaiting) is very time consuming, but does not require more supplies.
         Fingerweaving, for a sash about three inches wide takes about an hour for me to make it three inches long, and that does not include measuring and warping time, so such a belt made 3 yards long will cost $720 in labor alone (not including materials) because it takes me at least 36 hours of straight work to weave it.
        If I use my own handspun thread, the price will double because of the labor involved in the cost of the fiber, the preparation of the fiber, and spinning the thread. I can work in cotton, wool, linen, or hemp, and sometimes other various fibers (I have some handspun camel down.) Just ask.
        Prices go up if a larger textile is desired.
        Prices on textiles go up if you want the weaving to occur when it is wished that the article be woven only at certain times of the year or moon phases, or when I’m asked to engage in particular restrictions such as ritual purity, or silence, or only by lamplight, and so on. I can also weave in some small sacred objects such as hair, feathers, sinew, strings from musical instruments, thin strips of paper, threads from articles of clothing, shoestrings, sometimes slender pieces of dried vine, and more.
        I look at these commissions on a case-by-case basis, and I consult my conscience and my deities before engaging in these projects.

© Tess Dawson, 2007-2016 unless otherwise attributed. Don't repost text or pics without attribution.


  1. Sat. 28 May 2016 - Are you still active? Do you still have coffee in Cana'an? (I am in Rhode Island), ~KK

    1. Thanks for asking, Kristina. I don't currently do Coffee in Canaan, but I may bring it back at some point...

  2. P.s. Please contact me if you are still active, ( I clicked off the "notify me", so I will et an email when you reply), thank you, ~KK

    1. I am still active; my apologies for taking so long to get back to you on this matter.

  3. dear Tess, i discovered your work through the book 'the horned altar' which i ordered recently. i'm researching horses in canaanite mythology, their importance to the canaanites and phoenicians. the phoenician ships were called hippoi by the greek, but other than that, there is not much to know; do you have any pointers in that field of research? could you have knowledge of any referencial work that might tackle the topic i'm working on? any help would be appreciated and your name will be featured in my published research. kindly reply at thank you and blessings from canaan! - josef H.

    1. Hello, Josef, I hope you are well, and I hope you pardon the tardiness of my response. About the best source I can think of is The Ugaritic Hippiatric Texts by Chaim Cohen and Daniel Sivan. This is a collection of primary texts on horse medicine from Ugarit. It may not be quite what you're looking for, but it is the best source I can find. As to the importance of the horse in Ugaritic culture, I could not say beyond that it was important enough to them to write about horse care and medical treatments.

  4. Greetings. My name is Anna. I'm writing to wonder if you are still active, or still offering services? I'm a relatively new Qadishtu trying to find my bearings. Any response I receive, though, I'll appreciate. Your writings have been of massive help thus far. :)

    Be well