Friday, January 20, 2017

A Statement on Natib Qadish

Natib Qadish (a Canaanite polytheistic religion) does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexuality, age, ability, heritage, biological ancestry, or economic situation. We support human rights. We support responsible care for the environment, the lands, the skies, the waters,the plants, the animals, and various forms of life surviving here on earth. We support humane treatment of animals. We support the care and ethical treatment of all beings and Beings to the best of our abilities, on, in, and around our world. 

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  1. Canaanite Cities in the Levant of True and Real world and prehebraic times.

    Shikmu (Shechem or Nablus)
    Urushalimu (Jerusalem)
    Bit-lahmi (Bethlehem)
    Avranu (Hebron)
    Gizru (Gezer)
    Be’r Sheva
    Ilatu (Eilat)
    Ashdadu (Ashdod)
    Ashkalanu (Ashkelon)
    Hazori (Hazor)
    Taniqu (Tanachh)
    Damashashi (Damascus)
    Yariku (Jericho)
    Raqmu (Petra)
    Aradu (Arad)
    Lakishu (Lachish) etc.

    The Land of Canaan or Really the Levant
    Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and little stripe of Northern Saudi Arabia though accross is still considered part of the land of what is rightly called Kinaani.