Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bikkies and Tea

Recently someone gently brought to my attention a specific matter which I would like to address here. In a recent post, I discussed pouring a 40--I had intended this to illustrate a matter of honoring the dead, even as times or situations are difficult. Intending harm was furthest from my mind, but through my own denseness and my poor choice of words, I othered people--and that is harm. I apologize. I shall work on being more cognizant of these matters, and sensitive about them, in the future. I thank you for your patience and your kindness, and I appreciate your good grace in gently pointing these matters out to me when necessary. 

On a different note about recent affairs,  this conflict has brought up many important issues for discussion, and the opportunity to do so. As in keeping with Dver's Experiment, I would like to remind ourselves in the many interacting communities (polytheism, Paganism, and so on) that these conversations don't have to take place in adversity, conflict, and drama, unless we want them to. These conversations are always available for the asking. We don't have to have electric cattle prods at blood-and-mud volleyball tournaments, unless we really want to. Sometimes we can discuss these things like the amazing people we can be over metaphorical bikkies and tea.(I'm pouring a cuppa right now, want to join me?) What are some ways we can further important topics of conversation in a constructive matter? Better yet, what are some burning questions about polytheism and/or process you'd like to discuss? I'd like to hear from you, dear reader. And yes, really raw beginner's questions are just fine, too.

Furthermore, the topic of cursing someone over internet conflict--conflict which could actually be useful and constructive without resorting to these actions--has come to my attention. What are the ethics of cursing? Alternatively, when is blessing appropriate? Are cursing and blessing two sides of the same coin? These are interesting matters and worthy of contemplation.


  1. Hi Tess. Sorry for the question that is not related to your post. I am just looking for Canaanite first names and knowing that you are familiar with the old Canaanite writings, feel that you may help me and other people like me interested in Canaanite names and their etymology.

    1. That's a really good question and something that I've certainly amassed some research on. It may take me a while, but I will see what I can put together.