Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Canaanite Prayer

May the gods watch over you; may they bless you all with health and wellbeing. 
May they strengthen you all for a thousand days 
And for ten thousand years 
Unto eternity. 

Ilūma taģģurrūkumū wa tushallimūkumū
taʻzuzūka alpi yāmīma
wa-rabati shanāti
biʻadi ʻelami

This prayer is from cuneiform tablets written in the city of Ugarit in what is now modern-day Syria, around 3200 years ago.

Today is: 
12 Magmaru, Shanatu 86
It is the twelfth day since the new moon which began the month of Magmaru. Magmaru is the second month of the year in the calendar from the Syrian city of Ugarit. It has been 86 years since the rediscovery of the Middle to Late Bronze Age city of Ugarit, a city which has given us much of our primary documents.

Image Notes:
Photograph by 3268 Zauber, used through GNU-Creative Commons


  1. It's a lovely prayer, thank you for sharing it. Which book did you find this in, out of curiosity?

    - Monica

  2. It is a very wonderful prayer, a subtle prayer at a time I needed to see it. May the Iluma's napshuma and beauty be strengthened.

    -Maxxim, aka Turningtides

  3. ?? I'm not sure if blogspot ate my comment, but I do want to say thank you, for sharing this prayer.