Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look Who I Found

Look who I found decorating my wine rack...

Isn't she magnificent.

Today is
18 Niqalu, Shanatu 86
It is the 18th day since the new moon. It is the Canaanite-Ugaritic month of Niqalu. It has been 86 years since the rediscovery of the city-state of Ugarit.

Image Notes
Photograph is my own. Give me due credit and please do not use without my permission. 


  1. The spider-people mostly stay outside around here (I guess the forest and garden are more interesting than our boring old house), but it is the season of the HUGE spiders...they are very pretty and amazing.

    1. They really are. And if they keep regulated the population of the smaller, more annoying insects, I'm happy to have them around.

  2. She most certainly is n_n