Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cradling an Oracle

To hold an oracle, a vision, a dream, a meditation, a reflection, cradle it gently in your hands like water. If you grasp, all you will have are the leftover droplets clinging to your skin.

 If you forget to cleanse yourself first, you cannot have a clear canvas upon which to see the vision.

Only then can the images, the sensations, the emotions, the import of the vision etch itself indelibly upon you.

Only then can you experience the kiss of inspiration the vision provides.

Today Is
16 Niqalu, Shanatu 86
Our new year began with the previous new moon. It has been 16 days since the new moon (chudthu) and it is the Ugaritic month of Niqalu. It has been 86 years since the rediscovery of the Canaanite city-state of Ugarit (in modern-day Syria), a place from which archaeologist unearthed much of our Late Bronze Age primary documents written in Ugaritic alphabetic cuneiform.

Image Credits

Photo of hands holding water by Weldis, used under Creative Commons License.

Photo of messy hands by Danabooo, used under Creative Commons License

Photo of tattooed hand taken at the hilltop Rabari village of Bhadroi by Meena Kadri and used under Creative Commons.

Geminus by Frans Vanlent, released into Public Domain

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